National Make a Difference to Children Month

July is National Make a Difference to Children Month. You can take this opportunity to make a positive impact on the child(ren) in your life. Not that you don’t already, but this is a great time to make a special effort; it’s summer, the kids are out of school and you have nothing but free time to fill, right? Are you ready? Here goes.

Let your kids choose the family activity for the day. Set the guidelines of cost, travel, etc., but let them choose! What a way to make a positive impact on your kids by saying that you trust them to make an important decision for the family. Need some ideas to jump start your fun? Check out “Kids Love Missouri” by George Zavatsky or other Missouri guide books.

Another idea (I “borrowed” this from a friend): gather all of the funny-looking utensils from your kitchen and put them in a bag. Grab spaghetti spoons, whisks, slotted spoons, spatulas, you name it. Each member of the family gets to choose (without peeking!) one utensil and then everyone must use that utensil to eat dinner. Make it even more interesting and use your unconventional utensils on a night when you have spaghetti! How fun is that? It throws all of your table manners out the window, but it can show that you can break away from rules and expectations and have an entertaining family dinner!

These are just a few ideas. Use the comments to let us know what fun ideas you can come up with.

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