Books I Love That You’ve Never Heard of: Petunia

My father would read to my brothers and me every night before we went to bed. We had plenty of books to choose from, but we had a tendency to pick certain favorites over and over again.

I know. You’re shocked any child would do that.

One of those favorites was “Petunia” by Roger Duvoisin. I adored this book about a goose who discovers that acting like you know everything doesn’t make it true.

When I started working at the library, I was more than a little appalled to learn that none of my co-workers had heard of it. “But…you’re librarians!” I squeaked. “You’re supposed to know ALL the books! How can you not know Petunia?!” I quiz people from time to time and find I am often alone in my love of Petunia. But no more! I am singing her praises from the blogosphere! Check out this book and read it over and over and over and over! Your kids will love it. I know I did.

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