Missouri Building Block Picture Book: Hugless Douglas

Douglas the bear needs something special to kick start his day. Instead of coffee, he heads out in search of a hug. Through a series of comical trials and errors, Douglas finds his perfect hug partner, his mother. Be sure to turn the last page for a pictorial demonstration of hugging positions (e.g. the sandwich hug, the group hug and the unrequited hug). These silly illustrations may lead your family to create a hugging combo all your own.

After sharing this read-aloud nominee with your preschooler, try these fun activities:

  • Send a hug to a loved one far away with Family Fun’s hug-to-go craft.
  • Explore the official Hugless Douglas activity and discussion guide.
  • Cuddle up with more lovey-dovey books:

Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boyton
The Giant Hug” by Sandra Horning
Hug Time” by Patrick McDonnell
Big Bear Hug” by Nicholas Oldland
Hug a Bug” by Eileen Spinelli
Monster Hug!” by David Ezra Stein
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes” by Mem Fox
Mother, Mother, I Want Another” by Maria Polushkin Robbins

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