Missouri Building Blocks: “Press Here”

The best way to describe Hervé Tullet’s “Press Here” is as an “old school” app. The book starts with a single yellow dot and instructions to “press here and turn the page.” Magically, the one dot turns into two.  By following the instructions to shake, turn and rub gently, the dots shift, multiply and even change colors. Kids will hop on the opportunity to interact with this book. As an adult, I found myself magnetically drawn to the experience (and glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one was watching).

For more fun with “Press Here”:

  • Explore the French artist’s other books. They all encourage you and your child to interact with art. My favorite is  “The Book With a Hole.” Appropriately named, this book has a huge hole in its center that transforms from a peek inside a pot full of whatever treats you describe to a basketball goal through which you are encouraged to throw papers. The possibilities are endless, which is exactly why I love this book.
  • Make your own “Press Here” stories with simple craft materials. Visit the CrayonFreckles blog for photos of how one mom and her preschooler used puff balls, bingo stamps and a variety of other materials to repeatedly revisit the world of “Press Here.”
  • Visit Tullet’s website. You don’t have to understand a word of French to be inspired by Tullet’s projects. From large art installations created with young children to animated video clips, your inner artist will be shouting for a turn to play.

Editor’s note: Available through iTunes, there is a “Press Here” app for $1.99.  This is a fun and interactive app for the iPad.

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