Check It Out: A Bus Called Heaven

Books are powerful. When I really connect with one, I struggle to return the treasure to the library. Bob Graham’s “A Bus Called Heaven,” my current book crush, has been lovingly propped up by my computer at work this last week. Why? Because I love the story of an entire community coming together to make good in the world. When life gets me down, I take a peek inside. I am delighted that all of Bob Graham’s books feature real, imperfect and lovable people. They aren’t your flawlessly coiffed picture book families. The good guys come in all shapes and sizes, sporting a hodgepodge of tattoos, hijabs and bad hair days. 

Having now shared this gem with you, I know “A Bus Called Heaven” will need to find its way to other grateful readers. I’ll force myself to drop it in the return bin.  I’m sure another book will take its place of honor on my desk soon. Any suggestions?

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