Rhyme Time: Mother Gooney Bird

Are the kids bouncing off of the walls?  Try to tire them out with this active song.

Mother Gooney Bird

(Tune: Father Abraham)

Mother Gooney Bird had seven chicks.
Seven chicks had Mother Gooney Bird.
And they couldn’t fly,
And they couldn’t swim,
They could only go like this:
Right wing (Right arm bent in “wing” position, flaps up and down.)

Repeat, this time add:
Left wing (Left arm goes along with right wing.)

Keep repeating; add one body part each time:
Right foot (stomp foot)
Left foot (stomp foot)
Head down (nod head down)
Chin up (bring chin up)
Tail out (stick bottom out)
Turn around (turn whole body around)

On the last verse, wait until they all turn around about once and then add, Sit DOWN!

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