Happy 50th Birthday, Amelia Bedelia!

Does the name “Amelia Bedelia” make you chuckle? That wacky character is still taking figures of speech literally and making a giant mess. Do you have a favorite zany Amelia Bedelia mix-up?  Mine is when she was asked to plant the bulbs, and she buried boxes of light bulbs in the yard. I remember begging my mom to read “Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia” over and over, and the other titles were pretty darn good, too.

January 29th is Amelia Bedelia Day.  Celebrate this comical character’s 50th birthday by:

  • Sharing one of Peggy Parish’s humorous books with the children in your life.
  • Visiting the Harper Collins website to play Amelia Bedelia games, learn more about the author and send a funny e-card. (Yes, I sent one to Mom).

Or you could always go “draw” the drapes…


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