Science Books Your Kids Will Want to Read

Kids need more exposure to science. We’ve all heard the news reports. And, while some of us have fond memories of looking at boogers under our first microscopes, I know some of you groan under the remembered weight of textbooks full of big words. How can you make science fun for your children? Check out the National Science Teachers Association’s recently published list of Outstanding Science Books for K-12 Students for 2013.

How do books make the cut?  NSTA says:

Our vision of what we call science has broadened. The practices we use to explore the natural world and to create new products now include mathematics and engineering. We also recognize the importance of the arts, history, and human perspectives in these explorations. Science is not just one “way of knowing,” but many. The same is true for our vision of outstanding science literature. Today’s best science trade books include captivating stories of human achievement—like those of Rachel Carson or the diverse investigators in “What Color Is My World?” They combine science and engineering, like the story of the “Mighty Mars Rovers.” They feature outstanding art, lyric poetry, and plenty of ideas for hands-on activity. These great books have something to grab the minds and hearts of diverse learners.

This description makes me want to dive into a whole pile of their selections. You can, too. We’ve even made a handy dandy list in our catalog for just that purpose.

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