Artsy Books for Creative Kids

Look_at_sculptureArt doesn’t have to be stuffy and pretentious. In “Unlikely Pairs: Fun With Famous Works of Art” by Bob Raczka, kids can look at famous works of art from different eras in a playful, funny, new way. Each layout pairs two famous works, often in different styles, creating a new perspective. In one, a sculpture of an archer is paired with a modern painting of a target; another has a man holding a skull paired with “The Scream,” the famous painting by Edvard Munch. Each pair invites the viewer to look a little closer at the works and consider their relationship to each other, usually producing a different meaning than that of each original on its own.

Another good title to share with kids is “Look! Look! Look! at Sculpture” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, which would be great to read just before a trip to an art museum or gallery.

For art projects in varying styles, from printmaking to painting, try “Art Lab for Kids” by Susan Schwake. It will cure even the most stubborn case of artist’s block and start you on your way to creating fun projects in no time.

For even more ideas, visit the library’s digital branch and try out the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center database. With a whole section outlining craft projects just for kids, you can find instructions for everything from learning to read a knitting pattern to capturing memories in a handmade scrapbook.

Check out other creative titles from your library to inspire the artist in your little one!

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