Spring Into Art

Book cover for Art Lab for KidsYour library has a number of resources for encouraging aspiring artists and for supporting arts education. You can check out St. Louis Art Museum Kits, which contain replicas of art objects and artifacts that can be handled and looked at up close, as well as posters, books and either audio cassettes or videos. We also have plenty of art books for creative kids, as well as artwork on display in all of our libraries, from the mural of historic photographs at the Southern Boone County Public Library to pieces of the Columbia Art League’s permanent collection exhibited at the Columbia Public Library.

We are pleased to announce a new, locally created online resource available to explore and teach kids about art. The Museum of Art and Archaeology has created “A Portrait of the Museum in 30 Objects.” Each entry has a high quality image of a museum artwork – from ancient Roman objects to paintings and multi-media sculpture – available for download. Each entry is accompanied by guiding questions to consider before reading about the object, as well as information about the work, its culture and/or artist, further questions connecting the object to modern objects or other works of art and additional resources where you can learn more. Compare portraits by Thomas Hart Benton and George Caleb Bingham. Discover Nam June Paik’s sculpture created out of mechanical and electronic objects and be inspired to create a sculpture of your own with everyday items lying around the house. The possibilities for conversation and creation are many!

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