Moving and Grooving

photo by Miika Silfverberg via flickr

photo by Miika Silfverberg

Not only is music fun to listen to, it’s fun to create! Music helps children develop their listening skills and is an important element of early literacy. So, enjoy some musical activities with your crew.

Freeze Dance

Play some of your family’s favorite tunes, and dance to your heart’s content. Then, when  least expected, yell “freeze!” and stop the music. See what funny positions you all wind up in. How long can you hold them? For some retro fun, play the 1958 tune “The Freeze” by Tony and Joe.

Music Mania!

Bring out a variety of songs with a variety of tempos. Ask your kids to dance accordingly, encouraging them to speed up if the music is fast and take it easy when the beat slows down. Join in the fun, setting an example, for instance slowly sliding during a ballad or doing jumping jacks while a dance song plays. See who can come up with the most interesting move.

Make Your Own Musical Instruments

Make musical instruments from simple household items and form a kitchen band. Use a wooden spoon and a pot for a drum, a plastic bottle filled with rice for a shaker and rubber bands around a sturdy plastic open container for a guitar. Your library will have books on making musical instruments, or you can check online for more ideas.

Action Songs

Do some of your favorite action songs – “The Hokey Pokey,” “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It” are just a few. Want some new wiggle jams? We love Laurie Berkner, Learning Station, and Koo Koo Kanga Roo.


Shuffle up your playlist – add new songs, introduce new kinds of music (classical, folk, hip hop, pop) to expand your crew’s musical tastes. You can even download new music using our Hoopla media service.


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