About Katie

When I was three I had my cousin convinced I could read. In reality I had heard "Joey the Jack-o-lantern" so many times I had it memorized. To this day everyone in my family can tell you when Joey is and is not scary.

‘Ology: A Branch of Learning

Book cover for IllusionologyDo you have a young reader interested in fantastical subjects, such as wizards, vampires and pirates? We have the series for you. The books in the “Ology” series are located throughout our nonfiction collection, but don’t be fooled – they are not your typical encyclopedias. Common among books of this nature are a variety of illustrations and items to open, explore and touch (for example, ground dinosaur horn can be found in “Dinosaurology.”)

Similar to these “ology” books are the titles in the Girls’ Guides to Everything Unexplained series. These books provide information for young ladies on subjects such as wizards, mermaids, vampires, fairies and zombies. These titles also include manipulatives, stunning drawings and photographs. These books are great introductions for young readers to the world of nonfiction. Who says nonfiction can’t be just as fun as fiction? Seek out your nearest librarian for more information!

2013 Missouri Building Blocks: Find A Cow Now!

Book cover for Find a Cow Now by Janet StevensHave you ever felt so antsy that you simply had to get up and run around? That is how Dog feels in “Find a Cow Now!” by Janet Stevens. Dog is tired of naps, but when he gets up and starts to run, he gets in trouble with Bird. Bird informs Dog that he is a cattle dog and needs to herd a cow. However, neither Dog nor Bird know what a cow is. They only know that since there are no cows in the city, they must be in the country. So, to the country Dog goes! He makes several attempts to herd a cow before finding someone willing to let him herd. Together Dog and his new friend have an adventure sure to delight readers of all ages.

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