Shhh! Stop Saying Libraries Are Dying!

Photo of scolding librarian

There are many, many things that I dearly love about working in a library, about providing children’s services and that absolutely thrill me about my decision to pursue my post-graduate education in library science. But people telling me…

“That’s what Google is for.”

“Nothing relevant is even in print form anymore; even books can be digital.”

“Once everyone owns a Kindle no one will even go to the library.”

“You chose, like, the Latin of professions.”

…are DEFINITELY NOT among those many, many things. (Don’t even get me started on, “You need a degree for that?”)

Because the truth is, libraries are not just giant warehouses full of musty, dated books, just like librarians are not brittle, grumpy ladies who wear ugly cardigans and cat-eye glasses on chains and shush you from on high through lipstick-stained teeth. (We are really more ChapStick people.) Continue reading

Gigi the Giraffe Reports From the Columbia Public Library

picture of Gigi the GiraffeHey, folks!

As many visitors to the Columbia Public Library have noticed, I, Gigi the giraffe, have been switching up my outfits over the past few months. During the re-carpeting of the children’s area, I took on the role of supervisor and oversaw the workers, making sure everything got put back in its place. I am happy to report that construction in my area is complete, and I was able to hang up my hard hat and tool belt last week. Now I am sporting a lively rainbow scarf, hoping it will encourage more sunny days. But, just in case we get more rain, I also have my rain boots. Bring on those April showers!

I want to give everyone a heads up that even though the children’s area is complete, the library will close the lobby for a week starting March 24, so the workers can lay new flooring. The library will stay open! Just watch for signs to guide you to a temporary entrance at the far west end of the main parking lot. I may not be overseeing this part of the construction, but my buddy the owl has been keeping tabs on the workers, and I trust he will do me proud.

Stay tuned for my next costume, which will correspond with the start of Summer Reading!

Happy reading from your pal, Gigi.

Parents as Teachers Screening Sign-Up at the Columbia Public Library

Do you wonder whether or not your child is developing within the normal range for his or her age? Parents as Teachers (PAT) is an organization that provides the support and encouragement parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life. A PAT representative will be signing up children for screenings during story times at the Columbia Public Library on these dates:

Reading, by ThomasLife, flickr

  • Thursday, March 20
  • Friday, April 11
  • Monday, April 21
  • Friday, May 2
  • Monday, May 5

Join us for story time and sign your little one up for a screening!

Rhyme Time: Georgie

Waking up early to get ready for school is a true chore for some kids. I try my best to make early mornings a positive experience in my household. What I have found (at least with my kiddo) is that a funny song encourages waking up with a smile. A friend of mine taught me a song that I really like, and I can change some of the words to tailor it for my needs. It’s an old camp song called “Georgie.” How I learned the song differs from what I found in the Girl Scout Songbook, but here are the lyrics I learned:

photo of sleeping child by Katrina Br*?#*!@nd (katrinket) via FlickrEvery morning at half past eight,
I go oooey, oooey, oooey to Georgie.
And every morning at half past eight,
He goes oooey, oooey, oooey to me.
No need to knock. (make knocking sound)
No need to ring. (I say, “BING BONG!”)
As I rub my eyes. (Pretend to rub eyes)
I just open the window and stick out my head.
And go oooey, oooey, oooey to Georgie!

When it is time to wake up my child, I sing this song and replace “Georgie” with his name, and I change the time to whatever time it is. When I “open the window,” I lift up his shirt and tickle him. It’s a fun way to wake up…if you have to!

Kids’ Music: The Aquabats!

Hi-Five Soup coverI first discovered the group Aquabats! while watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!” with my son. Their song “Pool Party” was our absolute favorite! I was very interested in their music since it sounded like something that was made for adults (unlike the tunes by a large purple dinosaur you may know), but the songs really were for kids. I suggested that the library purchase two of their CDs. We listened to the Aquabats! for 3-weeks straight (every time we were in the car). Some of our favorite songs are “The Shark Fighter!” and “Hey Homies!” I renewed these CDs 3 times (the maximum), and I never grew tired of them. Really. I know I am probably a little bit crazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the songs, and so did my kiddo! Check out one of their CDs. You might just like this band as much as we did.

For other kids’ music that grown-ups can tolerate (or even love), check out Elizabeth Mitchell, Dan Zanes, They Might Be Giants and other great performers in the library’s CD collection.