Accelerated Reader and Lexile Scales and Readability Formulas, Oh My!

Mother and boy reading togetherParents of new readers are absolutely inundated with information about how their child should be reading by what age and with what proficiency. I’m not a parent (but I did work at a public library’s children’s department last night! … No? Too old a commercial reference for that joke to land?) and I still find it overwhelming. Accelerated Readers and Lexile scales and readability formulas, oh my!

There’s so much data out there that sometimes the best impetus for getting children reading “where they should be” can get lost in the shuffle, and it is this – they have to want to be reading. A true enjoyment derived from reading and the skills that will naturally grow from that enjoyment will serve kids a million times better throughout the rest of their academic careers than any blood, sweat and tears shed by any involved party in order to hit the next percentile on a standardized test.

But that’s tough, right? School is a gigantic part of children’s lives, and the textbook or required reading they have to do for school is not going to stimulate every kid. And, at most schools at least, progress reports and/or grades do matter. It’s hard not to worry about children falling behind. Continue reading

Become a Fit-Tastic Family

Family runningThere is something about saying hello to a new year that empowers us to make grand goals and accomplish great feats. We are encouraged to make New Year’s resolutions and commit to self-improvement. It is also the perfect time to look back on what we have accomplished and provide congratulations for noble efforts or, perhaps, suggestions for further improvement. Honest reflection on previous resolutions can provide insight into whether or not a goal needs to be more or less challenging – and if a personal goal is too challenging, why not make one with friends and family for encouragement throughout the year?

Fitness is likely to appear on many personal resolution lists for 2015, but it just so happens to be an excellent goal-building project for groups to tackle together. Make fitness a family goal by signing up for Boone County’s Fit-Tastic program at The program starts with these 5 fitness basics, which are as easy as 1,2,3,4,5! Continue reading

Begin 2015 at the Library!

Happy New Year

Need a great New Year’s resolution? How about spending more time with your kids at the library? DBRL has a lot of great programs lined up for January.

Stretch Into Story Time

Monday, January 5 • 4:00-4:30 p.m. , 5:30-6:00 p.m. in Columbia

Learn creative ways to relax the body and focus the mind. We’ll stretch and then act out a story with kid-friendly yoga poses. Wear comfortable clothing to allow for free movement.  Families with children ages 3-8. Register by calling (573) 443-3161. Continue reading

Last Chance to Vote!

Building Blocks symbolIf you haven’t voted for your favorite 2014 Missouri Building Block Picture book, you only have a couple of days left! Remember to help your child vote after reading at least five titles. Voting closes on the 31st! Once the Missouri winner has been announced, we’ll post the news on the blog, as well as information about the book that received the most votes from DBRL readers. What book will you choose?

Speaking of the 31st, remember that our libraries will close at noon on Wednesday and open again on Friday the 2nd. Happy New Year!


2014 Missouri Building Blocks: That Is NOT a Good Idea

Book cover for That is NOT a Good Idea by Mo WillemsThat Is NOT a Good Idea” by Mo Willems

Who would think to write a children’s book in the style of an old silent film? Mo Willems, of course! You can almost hear the ominous piano music as the wily fox lures the plump goose away from the safety of town, into the dark forest, and then right up to his kitchen fire. Your children will love chiming in with the chorus of goslings that keep warning, “That is not a good idea!” And once you hit the twist at the end, they will want to read the whole suspenseful (for preschoolers) thing again. Continue reading