“But I’m Not Tired!”

boy asleep with bookThe bedtime story already has been deeply planted in the early literacy landscape, the collective nostalgia and routines for tricking little ones into falling asleep. We have heard the benefits of reading to your baby bumpkins and terrible twosers daily touted near and far, but does the time of day a child is read to actually make any difference?

The answer is, um…well, probably. Maybe. Depends?

While there is some research on that question, obviously everyone is different. Personally, I am a big fan of the bedtime story, so what follows will be my case for the institution.

For one thing, your children are put to bed every day, so there’s a built-in “reminder” that allows reading to easily become part of a routine that’s already necessary. Plus, “bedtime story” rolls off the tongue a lot easier than, say, “after-school snack story.” If you have a snugglebunny or two who land closer to the reluctant side of the sleeper spectrum, sometimes a calming routine can help. According to chair of the Early Childhood Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Peter Gorski, M.D., the most cognitive benefits from reading are reaped when the child’s experience with books is enjoyable and associated with love, safety and comfort. Well, what is more loving and comfy than being tucked in, surrounded by a beloved stuffed animal or two, while mom and/or dad tell you a story? Letting your nugget choose the story they want to hear can be both a bedtime selling point and encourages a positive association with being read to. Continue reading

New Carpet in Columbia

picture of shelves moving

Watch your step while the Columbia Public Library is being re-carpeted. If you visit us, you may notice that some of the collections are unavailable for browsing, or that story time is not being held in the big green egg, but in a different room! Watch for notices through social media and at www.dbrl.org for current information. Please bear with us during our makeover.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

DBRL KidsStuffed animals like story time, too! Children often bring their stuffed animals to story time, so we decided to have a special library sleepover just for them. Children brought their favorite stuffies (everything from teddy bears to snakes to Yoda) to the Columbia and Southern Boone County branches for a few bedtime stories and lullabies before being tucked into bed. Unfortunately the stuffies didn’t have any adult supervision after the libraries closed. Let’s just say our special security cameras caught a few shinanigans.

Officer Gooch PigeonIn Columbia, SGT. Gooch from the Columbia Police Department stopped by to read everyone “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” by Mo Willems. Continue reading

Rhyme Time: Dinosaurs!

dinofeetAre your kiddos enjoying the dinosaur aspect of Dig into Reading? Build on this interest and stretch your children’s vocabulary. The following rhymes include some rarer words like “wail” and “ferocious.” Help your kids understand these new words by acting them out.

Dinosaur, Dinosaur
Dinosaur, Dinosaur turn around.
Dinosaur, Dinosaur, stomp on the ground.
Dinosaur, Dinosaur, swing your tail.
Dinosaur, Dinosaur, let out a wail!

I Am a T. Rex
(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
I am a T. Rex on the hunt.
I’ve got a tail in back and sharp claws up front.
When I am hungry, hear me roar.
I’m a ferocious dinosaur!

For even more fun, act the rhymes out in style with homemade dinosaur feet

Next Week’s Story Time Themes

Attending a story time is a great way to learn new stories and songs! Here is a sneak peek at the themes for March 26-30, 2012. (Looks like you’ll need to bring your umbrella!)

  • Ashland: Flowers and Showers
  • Columbia: No regular story times due to spring break. Check out our special programs!
  • Fulton: The Number 10; It Looks Like Rain

Check out our online program calendar for location and time details, and learn about other upcoming story times.