Craft Corner: Thank You Notes

Photo of Thank You Owls 2 by AForestFrolic via FlickrI always encourage my son to write a thank you note when someone gives him a gift. Sometimes we don’t have an opportunity to make our own thank yous, so I just use store bought cards. But when we have the time, we get out our craft supplies and go to work!

While searching for some new ideas, I came across Martha Stewart’s tips for thank you notes from kids. One of Martha’s tips that I have to share is, “Not all the gifts your child receives will be hits. Explain to him ahead of time that the gift giver’s thoughtfulness should be appreciated all the same.” Well put, Martha!

Of course, I found tons of ideas on Pinterest. One of my favorites is the watercolor thank you card, but there are many different and creative ways to say “thank you.” Since I don’t consider myself very “crafty,” this is the way that my son and I can have some bonding time, be artistic and say “thanks!” If you are interested in more ideas for making cards, check out these books for kids. Need more of a challenge? Try these craft books for adults.