Step Away From the Screen: Video Game- and TV-Themed Crafts and Activities

Photograph o Video Game RemoteIn our technology-based society, it’s easy for kids to get caught up in their favorite video games and TV shows, resulting in too much screen time. However, there are many fun ways to enjoy our favorite video games and TV shows while actually reducing screen time.

  1. Bead Art

Bead art is a great entry-level form of crafting, especially when it comes to the classic 8-bit style of video games. It only requires a few materials: Perler beads, an iron, ironing paper, tweezers and a Perler pegboard. Bead art is as simple as placing the beads next to each other and then melting them together.

  1. Minecraft Crafts

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Take a Color Walk!

Two people walkingThis is an exciting time for young ones to be outside, observing how Mid-Missouri shifts from winter to spring. Plants are changing from little green sprouts to blooming flowers or trees within a few days’ time. Would you like to enhance your time spent outside? Try a color walk.

A color walk is very simple. As you walk around outside, look for different colors. You can use a log to keep track of the colors you have seen and where you saw them.  I’ve created a sample log you can view and print by clicking on this link. The log can be filled in with simple marks to show you have seen that color, or it can be more detailed with a word or picture describing where that color was seen. You can also create your own log, which is a great way to get your child involved and excited about their color walk adventure. If your walk is in a safe (and mud-free) area, you can also add texture to your walk by asking your child to look for textures such as smooth, bumpy, rough or soft. All of these tasks will help your child develop their vocabulary and sharpen their observation skills.

For more resources about colors, search our collection for books and kits on the topic!

April Programs Sneak Peek

April Program Images
This April, we will be showering you with a refreshing variety of children’s programs at each DBRL branch. Listed below are just some of the free programs we are offering for kids and families.

Seeing Green

Thursday, April 7 › 5:30-6:30 p.m. Columbia Public Library, Children’s Program Room.
Celebrate the color green with stories and activities. We’ll highlight the book “Green” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. Families, ages 3 and older.

Quilting Fun for Kids

Saturday, April 9 › 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Columbia Public Library, Children’s Program Room.
Use your math, measuring and cutting skills to create your own colorful nine-patch quilt block. Then use fabric paint to turn it into an art quilt block. Ages 7-12, parents welcome. Registration begins Tuesday, March 22.
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Coloring is for Everyone!

One of my absolute favorite things to do as a kid was to gather my crayons and paper and plunk myself down to color a new masterpiece. Little did I know that this creative hobby of mine Basket of crayonshad a positive effect on my development. When children draw shapes, color within the lines and cut out patterns, they’re further developing their fine motor coordination. Additionally, the time and patience needed to completely color a page helps children develop their self regulation, and creating a great piece of art can boost a child’s self esteem.

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Juice Box Robots

Juice BoxesLast month my mom received the cutest Valentine – a little robot made from a juice box and other snacks. We both loved how kid friendly this treat was and how easy it is to recreate. You can also use healthier options, depending on who will be enjoying (aka eating) the robots.This craft is easy for kids to make, and it’s a wonderful project to gift to others. Continue reading