Missouri Building Block Picture Book: Hugless Douglas

Douglas the bear needs something special to kick start his day. Instead of coffee, he heads out in search of a hug. Through a series of comical trials and errors, Douglas finds his perfect hug partner, his mother. Be sure to turn the last page for a pictorial demonstration of hugging positions (e.g. the sandwich hug, the group hug and the unrequited hug). These silly illustrations may lead your family to create a hugging combo all your own.

After sharing this read-aloud nominee with your preschooler, try these fun activities: Continue reading

Global Hug Your Kids Day!

July 16 is Global Hug Your Kids Day. While you don’t need to wait for a special day to hug your kids, the holiday is a good reminder to keep sneaking/giving hugs to your kids, especially the older kiddos who are too “cool” for hugs.

Held annually on the third Monday in July, this holiday was founded by Michelle Nichols in honor of the son she lost to cancer in 1998. “Hugs matter.” Nichols says. “It’s so easy to get caught up in work and other obligations. We can rush in and out of our homes and run right past our children and loved ones like they’re furniture.”

Take the time today to give the kids in your life big hugs, and then check out some books about hugging! 🙂