Get in the Groove for Summer Reading

girl singing on headphonesAre you just about to burst with anticipation for the start of Summer Reading? We are too!!! Your friendly children’s librarians can’t wait to show off our superhero costumes, recommend our favorite hero and villain stories and, of course, sign up as many people for Summer Reading as possible!!!

One of those extra special heroic virtues is required at a time like this: patience. Like so many great heroes, we need patience to grow strong…and the proper theme song to pump us up! Check out some of these superhero songs and get in the groove for Summer Reading 2015!

Top Superhero Songs

“Superheroes” by The Script
Album – No Sound without Silence (CD)

“Ordinary” by Train
Album – Alive at Last (CD)

“Run Boy Run” by Woodkid
Album – The Golden Age (Hoopla, CD)
Divergent Soundtrack (Hoopla, CD) Continue reading

Moving and Grooving

photo by Miika Silfverberg via flickr

photo by Miika Silfverberg

Not only is music fun to listen to, it’s fun to create! Music helps children develop their listening skills and is an important element of early literacy. So, enjoy some musical activities with your crew.

Freeze Dance

Play some of your family’s favorite tunes, and dance to your heart’s content. Then, when  least expected, yell “freeze!” and stop the music. See what funny positions you all wind up in. How long can you hold them? For some retro fun, play the 1958 tune “The Freeze” by Tony and Joe.

Music Mania!

Bring out a variety of songs with a variety of tempos. Ask your kids to dance accordingly, encouraging them to speed up if the music is fast and take it easy when the beat slows down. Join in the fun, setting an example, for instance slowly sliding during a ballad or doing jumping jacks while a dance song plays. See who can come up with the most interesting move. Continue reading

Crazy for Koo Koo Kanga Roo


A few months ago, I was in a room full of adults to see folk-punk concert. There was chatter in the crowd about the opening act. Something about a dance pop duo. “Well, that probably won’t go over very well with this crowd,” I thought.

Nothing in my most far-fetched expectations could have prepared me for Koo Koo Kanga Roo. Bryan and Neil were two guys with songs about ninjas, dinosaurs, rainbows and the alphabet, so upbeat that you couldn’t help but dance along. And the best part, the part that impressed me so much, was how they got a bunch of adults to bounce and roar and sneak and play like we were all second graders again. It was joyful. It was awesome.

I couldn’t wait to use their songs in story time at the library. They’re high energy, laugh-out-loud wacky, and possibly more fun for grownups than kids. I was convinced that everyone needed to know about this band!

So, I am beyond thrilled that they’re coming to do some shows for DBRL, and you all have the opportunity to experience them for yourselves! Check out their workout dance DVD. Bring your kids, your parents, your roommates. I pinkie swear, you’re going to have a great time.

In preparing for their visit, I emailed them a bunch of ridiculous questions, and Bryan was gracious enough to respond. Continue reading

Kids’ Music: The Aquabats!

Hi-Five Soup coverI first discovered the group Aquabats! while watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!” with my son. Their song “Pool Party” was our absolute favorite! I was very interested in their music since it sounded like something that was made for adults (unlike the tunes by a large purple dinosaur you may know), but the songs really were for kids. I suggested that the library purchase two of their CDs. We listened to the Aquabats! for 3-weeks straight (every time we were in the car). Some of our favorite songs are “The Shark Fighter!” and “Hey Homies!” I renewed these CDs 3 times (the maximum), and I never grew tired of them. Really. I know I am probably a little bit crazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the songs, and so did my kiddo! Check out one of their CDs. You might just like this band as much as we did.

For other kids’ music that grown-ups can tolerate (or even love), check out Elizabeth Mitchell, Dan Zanes, They Might Be Giants and other great performers in the library’s CD collection.

It’s a Jungle @ Your Library

The library is proud to be hosting four performances by the Emmy Award-winning duo, WildHeart. Sing, dance and wiggle along with Jan and George Syrigos as you discover how far a delicate monarch butterfly can travel and how long a tiny bat can hang by its toes. You’ll also meet a dreamy wild animal guest!

These conservation educators and entertainers have received a Parent’s Choice award and have performed for cheering audiences throughout the Midwest. WildHeart brings the heart of the wild to the heart of your child.  For families of all ages! Continue reading