What’s a Baby, and Why Is It Staying???

Big sister and little brotherThere’s a story about my younger brother and me that’s become a bit of a legend in my family. I would like to preface this story by saying that I find the attention a little unfair. Is the tale about the time I fearlessly protected him from a menacing neighborhood cat? (Granted, it was on the other side of a chain link fence, but it looked wily…not to be trusted.) No. Is the story about the times I selflessly agreed to play the “innocent prey” (his words, not mine) to his mountain lion/crocodile/animal obsession du jour as he ambushed me from the back of the couch? No.

The story is about the moment I realized he was ours. Not going anywhere. Sayonara, only-childom. Continue reading

2013 Missouri Building Blocks: One Special Day

Book cover for One Special DayI’m going to admit it right now, I was wrong. Yes, I repeat, I was wrong. When I first saw Lola Schaefer’s “One Special Day: A Story for Big Brothers and Sisters,” I was lukewarm. A book about a new baby: been there, read that. I moved on with my life and forgot about the title until it landed in a pile for bookmobile story time. On a whim, I let the kids choose our next story. The preschoolers were immediately drawn to the baby on the cover. I tried to distract them with another choice, the infamous Pete the Cat. Nope, they launched into stories about their babies at home. I tried to sway them with a book by the beloved Mo Willems…about a cookie. What kid doesn’t want a cookie book? Not this crew; they wanted the book with the baby and the zoo animals. Rawr.

So. I. Caved. Continue reading