New OverDrive Read-Along Books

Screenshot of a Read-along version of Scaredy Squirrel


There are eBooks and there are eAudiobooks, but have you ever seen a eBook and eAudiobook combined? Meet OverDrive Read-along! Read-along books are eBooks that are professionally narrated while you read along with the highlighted words. These eBooks are easy to use. Once the book is open, you click “Play Narration,” and off it goes! Going back and playing a section again is simple. Just click on the words where you want to start, and the narration will begin where you clicked. If you need to stop, simply click “Pause Narration.”

Read-along books are a great tool for children learning to read. Have them read a page to you, and then click on the narration to see if they were right! If not, pause the narration and have them try again. You and your child can also do it the other way around where they listen first and then repeat. Hearing the words pronounced will help them understand the meaning of the text.

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Dewey Diamonds in the OverDrive Rough

Captain Underpants has its own special kind of charm and place in a young reader’s literary diet. However,  if you find yourself wanting to round out your little reader’s digestive system, a good way to start is to trick…I mean encourage…your kiddo to mosey around nonfiction.

One method is what I personally like to call the “something shiny” persuasion; ebooks! The change in format can serve not only as a reason for kids to sniff around some new titles, but working with different platforms for searching also increases technological literacy. Plus, eBooks and eAudiobooks can’t be lost, become overdue, get left at Disney World, chewed on by the dog, etc. If that weren’t reason enough to check them out, we recently rolled out our new child-usage friendly eReading Room for Kids in OverDrive and it has an fantastic amount of titles available. Continue reading

Introducing OverDrive’s eReading Room for Kids

You have asked for it, and we are delivering. We are proud to introduce a new kid-friendly landing page for our OverDrive downloadable eBooks and audiobooks. Your kids will love that they don’t have to wade through adult books to find the titles they want, and you don’t have to worry about them downloading the newest romance novel. Simply start your children’s searches in the eReading Room! (Or look for the bright green eReading Room logo under the display of new eBooks on our OverDrive landing page.)


Bonus: the simple pull-down menus allow students to search for books by genre, format, interest level and reading level. That’s right, folks! You can search by Lexile® if you so please.