Win a Free Book and Tie Those Shoes!

cover of the bookI can’t remember how I learned to tie my shoes, but I do know that I didn’t have a cute poem or story to help me along. When I asked friends how they learned to tie their shoes, they said, “Oh yeah, I learned to tie my shoes with a rhyme about a bunny, but I don’t remember it.” Next, I looked for books and found “Look! I Can Tie My Shoes” by Susan Hood, a sweet story about a little girl who loves shoes. It even includes illustrated instructions for tying a bow. As for the bunny rhyme, I had to do an Internet search and I found many different versions. Continue reading

Pete the Cat Is Everywhere!

When you look at the cracks in the sidewalk and see Pete the Cat, you know he’s a fixture in your life. Do you see him? I did!

If you haven’t heard of Pete the Cat yet, it’s Pete the Cattime to get on board. I bet your preschoolers are in the know.  Their constant requests for “those funny cat books” are my big clue. Several of Eric Litwin’s books featuring this cool cat have been hanging out on the bestseller list for months and for good reasons. They:

  • Feature catchy repetitive phrases.
  • Zero in on kids’ interests. (Who doesn’t love new shoes?)
  • Provide opportunities to show off new skills like color knowledge.
  • Model a healthy attitude about dealing with change. When life throws Pete a curve ball, does he cry? Goodness no. He finds a way to appreciate what he has. Continue reading