Kids’ Music: The Aquabats!

Hi-Five Soup coverI first discovered the group Aquabats! while watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!” with my son. Their song “Pool Party” was our absolute favorite! I was very interested in their music since it sounded like something that was made for adults (unlike the tunes by a large purple dinosaur you may know), but the songs really were for kids. I suggested that the library purchase two of their CDs. We listened to the Aquabats! for 3-weeks straight (every time we were in the car). Some of our favorite songs are “The Shark Fighter!” and “Hey Homies!” I renewed these CDs 3 times (the maximum), and I never grew tired of them. Really. I know I am probably a little bit crazy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the songs, and so did my kiddo! Check out one of their CDs. You might just like this band as much as we did.

For other kids’ music that grown-ups can tolerate (or even love), check out Elizabeth Mitchell, Dan Zanes, They Might Be Giants and other great performers in the library’s CD collection.